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New York Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

What is uncontested divorce?

Sometimes known as a "simple divorce," uncontested divorce happens when both spouses are in agreement about the issues surrounding their separation. This can include everything from assets to children, and is considered favorable because neither party has to have their future decided by a court. With uncontested vs. contested divorce, those who are planning on divorce and have agreed on the fundamental issues can expect a quicker dissolution to their marriage, which means less of a cost.

If both parties agree on the issues surrounding their divorce, then many may wonder what the need for a divorce attorney is. The truth is, in order to ensure that both parties are getting what they deserve in the situation an attorney is still necessary. There are actually many issues that need to be addressed even in a relatively smooth divorce proceeding.

Dealing with Issues During an Uncontested Divorce

Even when you and your spouse think you have come to an agreement on the fundamental issues of your divorce, there are still many things that need to be settled with the help of an attorney. For example, asset division is one of the most important factors to have hammered out by a legal professional. Any property that you and your spouse obtained together during your marriage will likely be subject to equitable division, which means that property will be analyzed on terms of fairness in order to determine which spouse certain property rightfully belongs to.

Another scenario you will likely face is child custody issues such as visitation agreements and child support stipulations. Your child or children are important to both you and your spouse, which means that any decision affecting them must be handled with the utmost care. The bottom line comes down to what is in the best interest of the child. One thing that makes divorce proceedings move more seamlessly is the presence of a prenuptial agreement. Our firm can not only help you formulate prenuptial agreements with your spouse, but can help you navigate them in the midst of your divorce. Maybe you and your spouse aren't quite ready for a divorce but are seeking a separation so that you can better contemplate divorce. In this case, we can help you with separation agreements.

How an Uncontested Divorce Attorney Could Help

Remember, you are hiring an attorney for divorce mediation so that your case doesn't have to go to court. Going to court means that your fate is in the hands of people who don't know much about you and your situation, which is why many people try to resolve divorce issues outside of court. This is where Eiges & Orgel comes in. We also understand that you want to seek the most cost effective divorce possible so that you can quickly move on and get both of your lives back on track as soon as possible without putting you in debt.

This is why, at Eiges & Orgel, we give you the option of a fixed fee or billing you hourly. That kind of attorney service provides you with the option that is right for you to avoid unnecessary charges that aren't helpful. Should you become a client of this firm, we guarantee that you will know exactly how much each stage of your divorce will cost you. We understand that even with an uncontested divorce, there may be many issues that you are unsure about such as divorce residency requirements, marital settlement agreements and more. Our firm is here to help you get what you deserve, and we will fight hard for that.

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If you are facing divorce or separation and need help from a competent lawyer in order to ensure that the outcome of your proceedings is what you deserve, then speak with a New York uncontested divorce attorney from Eiges & Orgel. There are many reasons why you can trust our firm. For example, we are AV® rated and have 75 years of combined legal experience between our three attorneys. Don't just take our word for it though; contact our firm for a comprehensive initial consultation. We will evaluate your case and determine how best you can be helped. You can trust us to not back down when it comes to working with your spouse's attorney. We always work for your best interests, and will be on your side every step of the way.

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